Dears friends of the Light,

I hope you will find on this web-site information, techniques, meditation, exercices that will nourish your soul. We are evolving in this time period towards higher levels of consciousness so the methods we use are very important.

The Golden Pearl qi-gong approach has been developed over many years with the help of the Masters( of which I will speak in later articles). This method has been very effective not only for the flow of energy in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, but to help people reconnect with their Higher Self and the Grand Tao ( or God ). This is the Path of the Mystic, where one is inspired to discover for himself the Higher Laws of God. I have experienced this personnally, and I know that it can benefit many. Golden Pearl means that the energy is going up the spine and the chakras to bring illumination in the brain chakra which is golden yellow. That means that you get understanding, illumination and wisdom ( the wise dominion of energy).

I would greatly appreciate any feedback so that the web-site can be also an evolving tool for self-transformation and self-realization. The Masters have stated that the greatest need of the hour is for people to be Still and Peaceful.. In Stillness, we get to see clearly the nature of our Beings and understand. We are Spiritual Beings in phycial bodies. We just have to bring our attention on it and start enjoying the Peace and all that comes with it.. I greet you one and all and hope that you will be enfolded in the Golden Robe of Eternal Peace....

From the Stillness of the Heart,
Pierre Marleau
Master Teacher