Stillness is the need of the hour.  In this chaotic, confused and stressful world we need to take time each day for stillness.  In stillness, we start the process of calming the over-exerted mind, calming the over-stimulated senses and start healing the tired body.  In stillness, deep stillness, we get flashes that we are more than the body.  We are an energy system with a structure.  The soul is a consciousness made up of chakras, or energy centers, and an aura ( electromagnetic field).  We cannot separate any of those components. 

This consciousness dwells in a physical body for the time being.  In this body, we have a mind, emotions an an etheric body thus we have four lower bodies. How can people feel this if they are too busy performing at their jobs and trying to find something through too much training and sports.  People live through their senses and they are cut off from an Inner Life. 

In stillness, we feel the flow of this universal energy, consciousness.  It flows to the heart, and if we listen to its promptings, the information goes to the brain and then precipitates this information, this inspiration out in the world through the five senses.  The senses are an instrument of the Higher Self. For example creating beautiful music, such as that created by Robert Coxon of Montreal, Canada.  Or creating new healing modalities.  But alas, the process is reversed, people cut themselves off this original source by overusing their senses and flooding the mind with so many technical details ( which never ends). 

Through the senses all this information goes to the brain and then created untold confusion and suffering and strong emotions in the heart.  I say it is time to really discover reality through taking time for STILLNESS.  You will go from one amazement to another. 

I see this with all the years I have used the Golden Pearl Conscious Flowing Method (qi-gong) touching countless souls along the way.   You see a tree by its fruits.  This method has been inspired by Master Kuthumi and Dwjal Kul- one a master of psychology- the other a master of meditation.  I am in awe myself by their amazing understanding of people`s psychology and their soul.  People have felt this time and time again. 

STILNESS is the starting point.  Awakening is the evolving method.  Joy, love, balance, harmony, purity, compassion, peace, tolerance, kindness, mercy and understanding is the result.  Dare open a fresh new door of hope, excitement and discovery.  Your soul will feel the tingling of joy and know that finally, there is something real out there. This something real is the spiritual world that is waiting your call.  Make that call this day.  I did long ago.