Everybody, it seems, is struggling with some form of health limitation whether it be tiredness, headaches, digestive problems, allergies, degenerative diseases etc... There is obviously some problems somewhere. We are being fed bad foods. The stress levels are way too high and a lot of it unconscious. Our lifestyle makes us vulnerable to problems. First we have to look inside of us. We know something is not right. Then we have to get a good enlightened evaluation and care from a competent health practitioner. It is always better to start with a qualified alternative health practitioner. Medication can be useful in some situations, but is not the way to treat lifestyle problems. Everything is a question of degrees.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the medical doctors are not free to give total healthcare to the patient who comes knocking at his door. Unfortunately they are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. Even the alternative field, treatment and results are not that simple. Just taking supplements will not do the trick. Some people say well I have tried everything. But they have not tried anything yet. Good qualified people who have results are not so numerous. They have a deep understanding of the body functions. They understand that each individual is unique, with a unique bio-chemistry. And they have results. People have to talk to other people about finding the right person. I have met a few of those qualified practitioners. One is a biochemist who has worked with pharmaceutical industry and quit for moral reasons. He is a man of principle and uses his amazing knowledge to help people in need. And the results he gets are nothing short of phenomenal. The other is a homeopath with a tremendous talent. She also has incredible results.. She is world renowned and has lectured at the french Academie de Medicine de Paris. If you read Jacques Benveniste's work on water memory and more, you will understand why homeopathy works. Any doctor that says it is a quack science should meet this woman for a debate. People who question this art and science are acting in ignorance. A third person I know is a medical doctor who treats patients with a very individualized evaluation and then an appropriate treatment. This doctor does not limit himself to traditional medicine but use every method necessary to help the patient.

There is always hope out there. Keep looking until you find somebody who will be able to help you. Keep talking to people and ask about health specialist who are known for their results. Then the individual should elaborate a health strategy for the next years. This strategy should include the prescribed treatment, the re-evaluation of the eating habits and do exercises that are renowned for diminishing stress levels such as qi-gong, yoga, meditation, and t'ai chi just to name a few.Your well-being depends on your attitude and your will to change yourself and your lifestyle. It will open a new door of opportunity to seek a deeper meaning in life. Difficult to get real vitality, and health without an understanding of the science of spirituality. It is the choices we make that have consequences. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies and our going astray from the laws of energy has caused all this suffering that we have today. So look at the bright side of life and keep on searching until you find the hidden key. You always see the quality of the tree by its fruits.. There are amazing people out there. It is time to start changing the system and really have a revolution in health consciousness.